Make an Orthodontic Emergency Plan

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SOMETIMES AN ACCIDENT or a run-in with something from the banned foods list can lead to a problem with braces in between orthodontist appointments. If serious orthodontic emergencies aren’t addressed in-office soon, they can delay the end of treatment, but there’s a lot patients can do at home for minor issues.

Home Solutions

Poking wires can sometimes be pushed into place with a pencil eraser or covered with wax, but we might need to clip the ends. Toothaches and soreness are usually temporary after an adjustment. Eating soft foods and wishing warm salt water can help, as can over-the-counter painkillers.

Bring Us Your Broken Brackets!

Broken brackets can’t be fixed at home and will delay treatment if not fixed at the office soon. Schedule a repair appointment if a bracket pops off!

Braces After Emergency Treatment

Major orthodontic emergencies include severe oral/facial pain, major swelling around the face, swollen/infected gums, or a traumatic injury to the mouth, face, or teeth. Schedule an appointment with us immediately for any of these, but prioritize overall health by going to the emergency room first if the injury affects more than the orthodontic appliance.

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