Orthodontic Emergency in Poway, San Diego?

orthodontics Poway San Diego  92131

Orthodontics in Poway, San Diego 92131

TECHNICALLY, ’DENTAL EMERGENCY’ are probably not the right words. However, wearing orthodontics can, at times, be very painful. If something is hurting you, we are here to help. At Scripps Poway Orthodontics in Poway, San Diego 92131, we want to ensure you are as comfortable throughout your whole orthodontic treatment.

Perhaps you’re out of town or on vacation or just don’t want to make a big deal about your discomfort. If that is the case, there may be something you can try on your own to fix the pain quickly. Below is a quick guide to common orthodontic problems and how you can help them.

Mouth Sores

Mouth sores are common when wearing traditional metal braces. These small sores can easily be treated by using a small amount of dental wax over the area that bothers inside of your mouth. Ora-Gel, an over-the-counter topical anesthetic, can help relieve pain and give you time to heal.

Pain or Discomfort

During tightening phases, braces put pressure on the teeth and jaw. Because of this constant force on your teeth, it causes a bit of pain and achiness. Fear not; the soreness typically goes away after a couple of days. 

A typical pain reliever can help. Remember to follow the recommended dosage and not exceed the maximum amount stated.

Feeling uncomfortable in braces is typical from time to time but should not last more than a few days. If the pain lasts longer than two to three days, there may be an underlying issue. Call us for an appointment.  

Lost Elastics

Losing elastics or the small wire in place of it happens occasionally. The o-ring or tiny rubber band is what holds your metal braces together, so do not put off calling your orthodontist in Poway, San Diego 92131. If it simply fell out and you still have it, you may be able to reattach it yourself with a pair of tweezers. If not, schedule an appointment at Scripps Poway Orthodontics. 

Dislocated Wires

If an archwire comes out of the slot or starts poking your cheek, use a bit of dental wax over it until you can come and see us in person. Use a pencil eraser or cotton swab to try and push the wire close against your teeth until you can have it adjusted. 

Broken or Loose Brackets

It seems to be a bit of a theme, but again, try using orthodontic wax to hold the loose bracket in place until you can have it fixed. If it has fallen off, do your best to keep track of the bracket. Remember to take it with you to your appointment. 

Call your Orthodontist in Poway, San Diego

If you are experiencing any orthodontic emergencies, we are always available to you. Please do not suffer in pain. Contact our office as soon as you can. We are happy to help you through your appliance problem as quickly and efficiently as possible.  

Scripps Poway Orthodontics wants you to have the most pleasant experience improving oral health and getting the beautiful smile you always wanted. We want to be your orthodontic home if you live in or around Poway, San Diego 92131.

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